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Valpac’s V-TAC™ tackifier dispersion products are used to add tack to adhesives based on acrylic, natural latex, polychloroprene and various other emulsion polymers. The dispersed resin tackifier in V-TAC products mixes easily with the base emulsion, and dries to form an intimate mixture of tackifier resin and elastomer.

The final properties of the adhesive formulation arise from both the chosen polymer dispersion and the type and concentration V-TAC.

The emulsifiers used to form the V-TAC™ tackifier dispersion are what determine their compatibility with various base polymers, process ability on coating equipment, and shelf-life.

The V-TAC Series of dispersion products from Valpac provides a range of tackifier dispersions to meet a wide variety of needs and performance requirements.

ProductResin TypeSoftening PointPercent SolidFeatures
V-TAC 5951Hydrocarbon70˚C50%Excellent tackifier for natural latex. Ideal for low-peel applications. Excellent resistance to acids and alkalis.
V-TAC 7901Hybrid70˚C53%Promotes adhesion to low-energy surfaces. Improves adhesion to corrugated board. Offers excellent cohesive strength.
V-TAC 8501Rosin Ester85˚C55%Excellent general purpose tackifier for acrylic and carboxylated SBR latex. Very good machinability. Provides aggressive tack and peel.
V-TAC 9001Modified Rosin90˚C55%Excellent tackifier for polychloroprene. Capable of tackifying natural rubber, SBR, CSBR, and acrylics. Excellent for low-temperature applications.

Valpac V-TAC™ Tackifier Resin Dispersions

V-TAC 5951

Hydrocarbon resin dispersion for natural latex systems

V-TAC 7901

Hybrid resin dispersion for acrylic latex systems

V-TAC 8501

Rosin ester tackifier dispersion for acrylic and carboxylated SBR lattices

V-TAC 9001

Dispersion for contact and pressure sensitive adhesives, especially those based on polychloroprene

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