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Technical Support from Valpac

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The customer commitment of every Valpac employee is what makes our company so innovative, entrepreneurial and customer-driven.  This commitment extends to the technical support we provide to our customers.  

We encourage you to take advantage of our many years of experience in formulating, manufacturing and applying specialty adhesives and sealants in ways that are effective, practical and cost-efficient.  

That means taking a collaborative approach to business opportunities and technical challenges. Here are just a few examples of the types of technical support and development assistance we can provide:

For Our Toll Manufacturing Customers …

Formula and Process Optimization

We work with our partners to establish robust, optimized formulas and manufacturing processes that fit within the guidelines of our ISO 9001:2008 quality system and those of our customers.

Working with Hazardous Materials

Fully permitted and insured, our company is capable of working with you on projects ranging from solvent-borne coatings to two-part reactive adhesives … and all the steps from lab-scale up to full production.

For Our Custom Products and Private Label Customers …

Unique Adhesives

Valpac brings value to customers by tailoring products to meet specific end-user requirements.   We work closely with you to build the necessary performance features into the products … while meeting other important criteria including price-to-value.

Private Label Product Development  

We’ll work with you to develop complementary products or new offerings … on a confidential basis.  You’ll find we can apply our many years of product development and applications experience to the specific market segments you are targeting.

For Our Direct Customers …

Synthetic Cold Seals

We’ve developed a line of Valpac high performance cohesives (cold seals) that do not contain any natural latex.  Our specialty line of natural latex-free cohesives has become the industry standard for medical packaging applications, addressing concerns for the potential of allergic reactions to natural latex.

Tackifier Dispersions

In a major technical development, we developed a robust process for the manufacture of our line of important V-TAC tackifier dispersions for coatings and adhesive formulators.  The quality and uniformity of our products are second to none in the world.  In addition, our customers often benefit from our extensive knowledge in formulating with these dispersions.

dr lew

Valpac’s very own Dr. Lew Raszewski is one of the adhesive industry’s expert technical specialists. Here’s your chance to tap into his knowledge. No matter your challenge, Dr. Lew is ready to help.         Click Here!

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