Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 Certified

A Heritage of Innovation and Excellence

From our three production sites in the Mid-Atlantic region, Valpac has been servicing customers with both solvent and water-based products since 1983.

The ability to provide high-performance, superior quality products on a consistent and reliable basis is what sets us apart from many other adhesive and coating manufacturers.  Our expertise and toll manufacturing capabilities have enabled us to develop a recognized reputation in the market segments we serve.

Our Mid-Atlantic R&D and production facilities enable us to serve customers along the East Coast and nationwide, in addition to expanding our business globally, with whatever their need may be for industrial adhesives, toll manufacturing, toll processing, toll blending, standard and specialty products like:

  • Water-borne coatings
  • Solvent-based coatings and adhesives
  • Polyurethethane resin solutions
  • Glues, primers and dispersions
  • Assembly adhesives

Our Expertise

Toll Manufacturing and Contract Manufacturing

Many important adhesive and coatings companies have come to rely on Valpac for the majority of their outsourced adhesive manufacturing needs.  Compared to other private-label providers, we’re the preferred choice for toll manufacturing services, assembly adhesives, and contract manufacturing of water-and solvent-based adhesives and coatings.

When it comes to developing and formulating these types of adhesives and coatings, there’s hardly anything we can’t do.  Valpac’s R&D technical specialists are also capable of producing specialty chemical mixtures or blends for application segments such as household cleaners and personal care products.

Custom Products … Tailored for You

Customers are the ones who benefit from our many years of experience in formulating, manufacturing and applying specialty adhesives and coatings … which means we’ll work closely with you to develop custom products or improve and optimize the performance of your existing formulations. This includes our newly acquired capability to manufacture high viscosity, reactive adhesives and sealants.

For custom–compounded adhesives and other contract services, when you choose Valpac, you’re making the best choice for maintaining your own strong reputation for quality.

Specialty Products

In addition to our important business activities in toll manufacturing and custom manufacturing, Valpac has developed a strong reputation in several areas of specialty adhesives and coatings.  For example:

  • We have a leading position in latex-free cold seal adhesives for medical applications.  In fact, our unique, specially formulated cohesive products are recognized globally.
  • The Valpac V-TAC line of tackifier resin dispersions offers adhesive formulators the high performance, compounding ingredients they need today.
  • Our CRYO-BOND vapor stop sealants and adhesives are high-performance products that are used for sealing and coating applications in the liquid natural gas (LNG) market.

In addition to these examples, Valpac also develops other specialty custom-compounded adhesives and coatings based on solvent- and water-based technologies that are ideally suited for a variety of end-use markets.

Chances are, we can help develop your adhesive solution as well.

Markets and Applications

Valpac serves manufacturers of adhesives and coatings along with end-users of specialty adhesives and coatings in select market segments.  The varied market segments we serve include:

  • Medical packaging
  • Automotive interiors
  • Tape and label products
  • Product assembly
  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG) infrastructure
  • General transportation
  • Adhesive formulators