Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 Certified


To better understand who we are and what we do, here are some insights on questions that come up about our business activities.

Does Valpac’s location put it at a disadvantage in terms of freight costs?

Not at all. Valpac’s freight rates are highly competitive, both for incoming raw materials as well as outgoing shipments. A number of major carriers have terminals located in close proximity to our manufacturing locations.

Will solvent-based coatings and adhesives disappear in favor of water-based or 100% solids technologies?

Although there has been great progress made over the past 20 years in non-solvent technologies to replace the solvent-based incumbents for adhesive and coating applications, in some applications the performance or process characteristics of the alternative technologies is still lacking. As a result, solvent-based adhesives and coatings will be with us for many years to come. Handled safely and with an emphasis on protecting the environment, solvent-based products remain the preferred and responsible choices for some of the most demanding adhesive and coating applications.

Does Valpac work only with adhesive or coating products?

Valpac is set up to handle a wide variety of water- and solvent-based materials regardless of whether the end use market is industrial coatings or commercial cleaners. We welcome all inquiries and look forward to working with you on your project … regardless of the end-market application!

As a privately held, specialty business, does Valpac deal only with small companies and work on relatively small projects?

No. In the toll and custom manufacturing segments of our business, Valpac has become an extension of the manufacturing function for a number of major adhesive and coatings companies. Not only are the production volumes significant, often the products themselves are complex and are used in critical, high performance applications. Valpac is the right choice to handle your business regardless of size or complexity. In addition, we are prepared to invest to grow and expand our business.