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Film & Tape

Adhesive and protective films and tapes play an important role in everyday lives. Chances are, on any given day someone will come into contact with a product that contains Valpac adhesives or coatings.

We serve film and tape markets with water- and solvent-based pressure-sensitive adhesives designed for specialty applications. We participate in this market primarily as a toll or custom manufacturer of the liquid adhesives that are coated onto various substrates by our customers and partners. Our customers supply the finished film or tape products to the end-users.

In some instances, we also supply custom pressure-sensitive adhesives directly to end- users, primarily for product assembly applications.

Permanent and Removable Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives

Valpac provides both removable and permanent types of pressure sensitive adhesives. Our products are formulated to meet the most demanding product requirements and produced in a quality and cost-effective manner.

To learn more about the adhesives we supply for film and tape products, we invite you to contact us.

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