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Toll and Contract Manufacturing

Valpac has provided top-quality custom manufacturing and private label toll manufacturing services since 1983. In fact, toll and contract manufacturing is our primary business.

Over the past 30 years we have developed close partnerships with a number of major adhesive and coating companies. Valpac has helped customers reduce time-to-market or minimize the capital expenditures required to launch new products.

For others, we have provided a lower cost option versus their internal production, thereby becoming an extension of their manufacturing and logistical operations.

In every case, our customers benefit from Valpac's expertise in the formulation and
production of specialty coatings and adhesives.

Raw Material Sourcing ... Custom Packaging ... Warehousing and Logistics

In addition to toll manufacturing, we can provide a full range of other contract services including raw material sourcing, custom packaging, warehousing and logistics. There's really no limit to the resources we bring to bear in support of your program.

Valpac's wide-ranging process and material capabilities include:
Mixing and blending
Compounding fillers, colors and carbon black
High-speed dispersing
Ethyl Acetate
IPA (99%)
Butyl Acetate
Production equipment (all stainless steel): Adhesives and coatings based upon:  
High-speed dispersers
Dual-shaft mixers
Low-speed blenders
Rubber granulators
Steam/cold water jacketed stainless steel tanks
Hot oil jacketed stainless steel tanks
Filtration (vibrating and canister types)
High-capacity deionization water system
Block copolymers
Natural rubber latex
Vinyl solutions
Copolyester solutions
Ethylene vinyl acetate solutions
Polyisobutylene solutions
Acrylic polymer and copolymers
Tackifier resin dispersions

Urethanes MS Polymers

Valpac processing equipment includes:
High-speed dispersers (HSD) 350 - 3,500 gallons 25 - 200 HP Water- and solvent-based adhesives and coatings
Dual-shaft mixers 100 - 250 gallons Sweep plus HSD
Vacuum capable
Heat and cool
Water, solvent and 100% solids, adhesives, sealants and coatings
Low-speed blenders 200 - 7,500 gallons Turbine, axial or paddle Water- and solvent-based adhesives and coatings

Standard and Custom Packaging Options

Valpac's standard packaging options include:

    • Totes
    • Drums
    • Five-gallon pails
    • One-gallon cans
    • Smaller packaging is also available

In addition to standard packaging options, we also offer custom packaging services as required. Our packaging services maximize productivity, minimize waste, and maintain consistently high product uniformity and appearance.

Flexibility is the watchword when it comes to custom packaging services from Valpac. Incoming materials may be sent to us in bulk, totes or drums. We're capable of packing and shipping multi-item kits, quarts and pints.

We have the ability to handle flammable and hazardous materials in packaging. Our extensive mixing and blending equipment are also available if your packaging needs require additional product formulation and handling.

Warehousing and Logistics

At Valpac, our on-site warehouse allows us to serve as your chemical logistics hub. And that's precisely what we do for many of our toll and custom manufacturing customers.

We can store your finished products and ship them on a just-in-time basis to your customers. That way, you gain maximum advantage from your logistics program with only a minimal investment of resources

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Valpac’s very own Dr. Lew Raszewski is one of the adhesive industry’s expert technical specialists. Here’s your chance to tap into his knowledge. No matter your challenge, Dr. Lew is ready to help.         Click Here!

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