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Adhesives and Sealants

Toll and custom manufacturing are part of Valpac's core business activities. Our customers and partners encompass a wide spectrum of companies ranging from small, regional producers to larger, global suppliers of adhesives and sealants.

In today's competitive environment we understand the importance of providing quality products in a cost-effective manner. This plus our many years of experience in developing and manufacturing adhesives make us the logical choice to become an extension of your company's manufacturing operations.

Typical Valpac Customer Profiles

    • Major, incumbent adhesive or sealant producers motivated to outsource for strategic or tactical  reasons
    • Companies wishing to add complementary products, produced under private label by a third party
    • Offshore manufacturers needing local production capabilities

Solvents Expertise

Although solvent-based adhesives continue to be replaced by other technologies such as water, hot melt or 100% solids systems, in certain applications their performance cannot be duplicated.

Valpac's ability to handle solvents and other hazardous materials offers an ongoing production resource to customers seeking to maintain this type of business without undertaking the cost or commitment required to manufacture these products internally.

New Capabilities

Valpac now has the ability to manufacture high-performance sealants and adhesives based upon urethane or MS polymer technologies.

To learn more about Valpac's adhesive and sealing products capabilities, we invite you to contact us.

dr lew

Valpac’s very own Dr. Lew Raszewski is one of the adhesive industry’s expert technical specialists. Here’s your chance to tap into his knowledge. No matter your challenge, Dr. Lew is ready to help.         Click Here!

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